About Us

Dagaworld is a B2B Commerce company headquartered in Jaipur and Faridabad responsible for managing complete sales & supply chain operations for national consumer brands. We have a strong legacy of 20+ years of being the sales backbone to our partners.

Dagaworld plays an integral part in expanding brands’ direct distribution networks in urban and rural markets. We enable access to dealers and retailers for our brands and have an experienced and skilled salesforce responsible for growing our partner companies’ presence. Dagaworld is a leader in B2B Commerce in North India and has dominant market shares in the products that it sells and distributes.

Our deep network, dealer relationships and a longstanding understanding of the local markets, combined with strong technology and real-time data insights enables us to best serve our brands, dealers, and all our channel partners. The rich transaction data generated on Dagaworld enables financial institutions to bring in a large number of rural stores as their SME customers. The same set of data helps us sharpen our brands’ marketing offerings in our geographies.

Through our dealer network in Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and rural settings, Dagaworld channels trade, finance and data of 120 million consumers in Rajasthan and Haryana.

Our Mission

To allow our brands seamless access to ever-growing downstream channels in order to increase reach, and sales; all at the lowest cost such that brands are able to increase their profitability. We enable brands to focus on doing what they do best: Manufacture industry-leading products. Our brands can count on Dagaworld for all other value chain operations from sales to servicing.

Our Vision

Dagaworld aims on becoming the preferred partner for consumer durable brands to help bring in sales, operational efficiencies and tech solutions. We have solidified our name in dealer and wholesaler networks and are leveraging our position in order to scale, and enable tech in order to streamline and bring order into a fragmented and cluttered distribution system in India.

Our Values

Customer Centricity

We strive to deliver the highest quality services to our dealers. To achieve this, we have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and requirements.

People First

We value all our team members with respect, empathy, and compassion. We ensure they are motivated and strongly-equipped to deliver their best performance.

Trust and Integrity

Dagaworld conducts itself with the highest degree of trust, integrity, ethics to create value for all our stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

An environment where our team-members are encouraged to be innovative, self-driven, and agents of change.


We work in a transparent and collaborative manner with our Brand’s and our dealers to foster a “win-win” environment.


We are family run but tech led. We believe that technology brings in efficiencies in the business, enables us to better service our customers, and expand our horizons, all while emphasizing a people first approach.

B2B Commerce network unlocking $2bn in consumption.

Dagaworld unlocks direct reach for brands through a streamlined and quick-to-market network that harnesses the power of wholesalers and retailers to deliver product lines with high SKU’s and substantial volume. Consumers wanting to buy products distributed through our channels will find high SKU availability, best pricing and a ubiquitous presence in electrical shops across our regions.

Our strong salesforce, combined with our inventory optimization engines, deep networks, and massive purchasing power ensures a product distribution capability unparalleled by competitors or our brands.

Key Management

Dagaworld has a dedicated and experienced leadership team who have helped us grow over the past 20+ years. Our departments are headed by skilled individuals who have grown within the company and have vast experience and knowledge in certain product or service functions. We believe in empowering our people in a manner where they achieve their highest potential and take Dagaworld along the way.