Dagaworld is a one-stop platform that a Brand needs to grow their network, ensure timely and growing sales, offer their end customers the best service, handle payments, gather market intelligence, and perform all aspects of groundwork necessary for companies to reach new heights.

We pride ourselves on our on-ground and operational heavy capabilities

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  • Essential in creating an on-ground pull factor for our brands.
  • Today, our landscape is cluttered with national and regional consumer brands. This holds true in the electrical, piping, laminate and consumer durable sector as well. In order for a brand to differentiate itself, we help them directly market to the purchasing agents (or influencers) in this industry. These agents are electricians, architects, contractors, and plumbers who influence customer decisions and can be responsible for purchasing certain brands and products on behalf of the end consumer.
  • In order to educate these influencers on our brands, we hold regular influencer meets in Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 towns, and rural settings. Our on-ground salesmen showcase the products, educate influencers on newer products, distribute electrician kits and goodies, and give inventive schemes to influencers in order to motivate them and build a stronger connection between our brands, our dealers, and our influencers. Our reach, depth of network, and operational excellence is why brands trust Dagaworld with carrying out this unique yet powerful method to create a pull factor for their products, and drive end-consumer sales in a semi-commoditized industry.