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Dagaworld is a one-stop platform that a Brand needs to grow their network, ensure timely and growing sales, offer their end customers the best service, handle payments, gather market intelligence, and perform all aspects of groundwork necessary for companies to reach new heights.

We pride ourselves on our on-ground and operational heavy capabilities

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  • Our inherent strength stemming from our network, infrastructure and domain expertise provides an opportunity to serve our enterprise partners. Dagaworld believes in one constant i.e. Change. We have evolved our business model from trading to distribution to a complete “sales and supply chain solutions” partner for our brands
  • Dagaworld is a pioneer in shaping the distribution market in our regions, with a track record of performance, customer care and sustained growth. With access to the best technology and talent we are uniquely equipped to provide an unmatched range of services, customer care and complete payment security for our customers at the most competitive rates. we have established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and suppliers not only to provide immediate and reliable services but to exceed expectations and goals.
  • Our salesforce is responsible for growing sales, establishing a sales funnel and ensuring a formation of recurring relationships with our dealers and wholesalers. Along with this, Dagaworld also ensures tertiary sales for our dealers, helping them sell onward to retailers, forming a vast and expansive distribution network with real-time visibility, high customer stickiness, and higher pricing power.
  • At Dagaworld, we directly sell to 1500 dealers, who specialize in a certain product line (i.e: Fans, Laminates, Piping, etc) We are also directly in charge of expanding our channel networks on behalf of our brands. Thus, our dedicated salesforce is trained in marketing specific product lines and are knowledgeable in the inner workings of a specific product line, its business landscape, key players, and other value drivers. Along with this, we ensure that our dealers can sell their products to their retailers faster, in order to keep their inventory turns faster and working capital lower. In order to accomplish this, we hire regional salesmen who visit retailer shops, construction sites, and individual houses to market our products. This complete downstream management is essential and helps the entire value chain decrease its working capital intensity and provide higher returns on capital to all stakeholders.
  • On average our dealers cater to 7 (most large dealers cater to more than 200 retail outlets) or more retailers and construction sites. As a result, our electrical products alone are available at 7100 outlets in Rajasthan and 4500 outlets in Haryana. Our products are present in 15000 out of 90,000 electrical outlets in India, making Dagaworld a highly important part of the value chain, working tirelessly in the background to navigate through a complex and unorganized ecosystem in order to make sure that consumers can access goods with much ease.