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Dagaworld is a one-stop platform that a Brand needs to grow their network, ensure timely and growing sales, offer their end customers the best service, handle payments, gather market intelligence, and perform all aspects of groundwork necessary for companies to reach new heights.

We pride ourselves on our on-ground and operational heavy capabilities

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  • The Dagaworld Efficiency Obsession ensures instant order processing and dispatch from our warehouses. We are aided by leading tech-systems and an agile method of work to provide customer delight to our dealers.
  • Benefits of choosing Dagaworld:

1. Real-Time Visibility : We create visibility in the supply chain. Dagaworld analyses data and tracks the real-time movement of goods and consignments, ensuring effective deliveries in complex markets and regions.

2. Reduced overall transportation costs : Hiring an efficient logistics company gives brands better control over freight, keep inventory at optimal levels, organize the reverse flow of goods, and ensure freight moves in the proper transportation modes, thus resulting in reducing the costs significantly.

3. Improved customer service : In a competitive industry, customers constantly expect optimal services. To retain clients Dagaworld is fast, accurate and error-free. We help you optimize your shipment and warehousing processes.

  • Our private distribution centers are customized to hold specific product lines with ease. For example, we use specialized racking systems to hold our Greenlam laminate collections as these are delicate, prone to damage, and cannot be stacked on top of each other. Each laminate needs a specific space for itself. One of our warehouses also acts as the biggest laminate showcase centers in Rajasthan, as 1000s of laminate SKUs can be stored as well as showcased in a space-efficient manner.
  • Managing 10,000 SKUs in a warehouse is a daunting process and our experienced product-centric team, guided by warehouses management systems, knows exactly what items should be stocked where and in what quantity. Orders are instantly processed and, subject to availability, are dispatched from our distribution centers within the same day. Our transportation network ensures that goods take the most efficient route to reach their locations and are optimized for low-cost while maintaining fast delivery timelines in an area spanning 400,000 square kilometers. On average our delivery timelines vary from same day delivery to 3 days depending on whether our dealer is located in rural/ upmarket areas.